Nutrex Tested Reviews, Price, Side Effects & Ingredients

What is Nutrex TESTED?

Nutrex TESTED is a supplement that helps middle-aged consumers improve their flagging sex drive, while also increasing their testosterone levels. During this stage of life, when hormones wane, men go through several changes, chiefly that their testosterone levels fall and that they gain weight or lose significant muscle mass.  To get back some of the hormonal balance, Nutrex Tested is the right solution.

How does Nutrex Tested work?

This product’s patented formula is LJ100 Standardized Eurycoma and is based on the active enzymes and chemicals contained in Longifolia Jack Extract or Tongkat Ali. A product that restrains the amount of estrogen in the body while also raising testosterone levels, Tongkat Ali is also capable of keeping men calm.

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Ingredients in Nutrex Tested:

  • Longjack or Tongkat Ali: A renowned aphrodisiac, this herb stimulates testosterone production. It also increases lean body mass, sports performance, sexual prowess and better mood.


  • After just eight weeks of taking this supplement, it builds significant lean body mass.
  • It improves libido, sexual performance and gives good erectile strength.
  • It optimizes hormone level, which in turn, builds healthy testosterone levels and lean muscle.
  • It is a stress-reliever.

How To Use Nutrex Tested:

If the user is keen to take this product for muscle-building, he will need to take two capsules an hour before he exercises. Another couple of capsules should be taken at bedtime or first thing on waking up. If, however, the user wants standard support, two liquid capsules may be taken morning and night.

Where can I buy Nutrex Tested?

To order this product, book it on the official website.